Ashley Olsen has just purchased a new property in The Village, New York, and it is as amazing as you would think. 

Covering an entire floor of the building, the two bedroom unit is worth approximately US$7.3 million (AU$10.3mill) but we would LOVE to live here. 

The unit is part of a complex at 37 East 12th Street.

Alongside her twin sister Mary-Kate, Ashley rose to fame as a child star, originally playing Michelle Tanner in Full House.

The twins went on to create their own production company, starring in dozens of movies together as well as dabbling in fashion, accessories, toys etc to further build their brand. 

Since 2004 the pair have tried to live a life outside of the spotlight, founding high end retail brand The Row. 

The pair most recently appeared at the Met Gala earlier this week, and in true Olsen fashion, never cracked a smile. 


A far cry from their acting days… 

We miss Michelle Tanner! We’re still holding out for a Fuller House appearance in season 2 or beyond… 

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