A man in the UK was reportedly so inebriated on the night of Christmas Eve that he did something even more embarrassing than texting an ex or getting a drunken tattoo.

A 30-year-old man from Staffordshire in England went online and legally changed his name to that of Canadian singer Celine Dion.

The Metro UK reports that Thomas Dodd was watching a Celine Dion concert on YouTube when he became inspired.

Dodd headed online to fill out the required application forms and pay the $150 fee, but forgot all about it until he received post that certified his name change almost a week later.

The newly-minted Celine says that he plans on keeping his new moniker, at least as long as it doesn’t make his life too difficult.

The man told Metro that he is a fan of the Canadian singer, but did not realise that he was quite THAT big of a fan.

“I’ve become a bit hooked with watching her concerts on Youtube as its the next best thing. I’m a bit obsessed with her and always have been,” the man told Metro.


“But I don’t know why it crossed my mind to change my name to hers. I can’t really remember the night and forgot all about it the next day.”

Drink responsibly…please.

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