You can’t please everyone in life, especially when it comes to what you share on the Internet – but this woman certainly wasn’t expecting to cause such an uproar over a sandwich.

A wife has caused controversy after she posted a photo of the lunch she packs for her husband who works as a tradie each day on the Facebook group Budget Friendly Meals Australia.

The meal includes sandwiches, cheese, fruit, crackers, a muesli bar and deli meat. She claims it’s “cheaper, fresher and healthier” than the takeaway at work sites.

However, the post created a conversation about gender roles in today’s climate and the admins of the group were forced to delete cruel comments.

The woman wasn’t totally alone, with others revealing they pack lunches for their husbands.


“Each to their own, nobody is forcing you to pack (this woman’s) husband’s lunch. Move on if you don’t agree with it,” one Facebook user wrote.

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