You’re in for a colourful, fun and futuristic experience, to say the least. Continue down to watch the video.

The “Not the End of the World” visual stars funny girl, Zooey Deschanel as herself who mistaken for Katy Perry and abducted by Aliens.

The video begins with new Mum Katy Perry pushing her baby in a stroller. Next, when a toy animal falls out of the stroller, Deschanel jumps down to pick it up. At that exact moment, aliens who have been tracking Katy Perry accidentally abduct Deschanel.

It’s no secret that Deschanel and Perry look very similar, often getting confused for one another by fans!

Back to the video, Deschanel arrives on the spaceship and is greeted by the aliens. “No! No! No!” the New Girl star tells the aliens. “Sorry. Misunderstanding. I’m Zooey.”

Down the track, Deschanel realises that the aliens have actually saved her from Earth, in time before it self destructs.

That’s all you’re getting… watch below for yourself to see how the story ends:

Does Zooey Deschanel save the world?

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