Zac Efron’s high school drama teacher sent Jimmy Kimmel old footage of the Hollywood actor in his actual high school movie… and it is just adorable!

Unlike some child actors, Efron attended a “legit” public school, and he played Snoopy in his high school’s production of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Kimmel surprised Efron by playing the footage on the show: “It might be fun for us to talk a walk down—well, really, just memory lane for you—and a brand new undiscovered lane for us.”

“Oh, no!” Efron said. “Are you serious?”

The 28-year-old seemed very embarrassed and cringed while he relived singing “Suppertime” in character as Snoopy and then moonwalking!

“Nice moonwalking!” the late-night host told Efron. “Very impressive, by the way.”

Efron replied, “Back then, that crushed. That was like a big deal.”


“That would crush right now if you did it, by the way,” Kimmel said.

Efron then got up and reenacting his moonwalking for the live audience.

H/T E! Online

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