We’ve seen some pretty incredible things on the net, but none made our eyes wider than what Zac Efron did while on location filming his latest movie in Hawaii.

The 27-year-old is currently filming Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates with co-star Adam Devine and the pair both ventured into shark-infested waters.

Zac reportedly jumped into the water and ‘looked right and spotted a 14-foot tiger shark.’

Efron said, ‘when you see a shark, you’re supposed to slow down your heart rate and stay calm to let them know you’re not prey. I folded my arms and kept still.’


Efron then stroked the head of the tiger shark as it swam by and when he saw that the shark was headed in the direction of the boat, decided to hitch a ride back with him.

He grabbed a hold of his fin and let the shark guide him. Don’t believe it? Neither did we! But luckily, his crew were filming at the time…

Video via Bop Bling Youtube

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