Over the past few days, media outlets have been hounding Yumi Stynes, and it appears it’s only getting worse. 

Yesterday, Yumi Stynes discovered a photographer waiting outside her house trying to get a photo of her and her son.

The 3pm Pickup host has shared her experience on Twitter, claiming that the paparazzo managed to take photos of her without her permission, while “intimidating” her in the process. 

“Some creep photographer was waiting outside my house at 4:40pm today,” she wrote. “If you see a photo of me in this exact outfit in the press tomorrow it was taken without my permission in an intimidating way while I was alone with my 3-yo son. THIS IS HOW THEY SILENCE US #creeps.”

She continued stating, “This is the way women are forced to pay a price exacted for speaking out. If you tell me this is fair game because I work in media, you are incorrect. I have worked in media for 20 years. It’s actually not how it goes.”


This has been a particularly difficult week for Yumi, which stems from her decision to speak out against Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s Australia Day remarks on Studio 10. 

“It’s really stressful being on the front page and having lots of media ringing me up, and having lots of trolls message me to say they hope I die,” the mother of four revealed on KIIS’ 3pm Pickup. 

In true Yumi style, she has not let the bullies impact her rebuttal of Kerri-Anne Kennerley’s Australia Day protester claims. 

“Basically Kerri-Anne was saying that people protesting have never done anything to help Indigenous communities, and none of them have done anything to find a solution for things like child rape and domestic violence… this is a pretty ignorant thing to say,” she told co-hosts Bec Judd and Monty Dimond.


“I looked back at that tape from the show and I’m pretty happy with what I said. I think I could’ve been a bit more articulate but I don’t think what I said was wrong.”


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