Angie Kent is here to shake up the Bachelorette mansion – Ugg boots and all!

Channel 10 has given us out first look at the former Gogglebox cast member’s season of The Bachelorette and it’s like one big fairytale!

Angie plays a modern day Cinderella as she sits on her couch in her pyjamas and ugg boots, watching some sort of romantic film.

She rolls her eyes as the main characters lean in for a kiss and turns to her dog and says, “Buddy, where’s my man at?”.

Right on cue, Angie’s TV watching partner from gogglebox Yvie, pops up inside the TV dressed up as a fairy godmother!


“I’m going to make your dreams come true,” Yvie says.

And with a wave of her wand, faster than you can say bibbity bobbity boo, Angie is transformed into a beautiful ball gown and glass slippers, ready to find her prince charming.

Will Angie find her happily ever after? We’ll have to wait and see!

No premiere date has been given for The Bachelorette yet but with Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor about to wrap up, we have no doubt it will be soon!

Check out the trailer in the video above!

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