Corey Worthington, the notorious party boy who trashed his parents house 6 years ago is apparently “all grown up”. At 23 he has reached out to A Current Affair to promote his new business venture — online party planning, believe it or not.

Nine’s A Current Affair, reporter Leila McKinnon caught up with the teenager who she once told to “take off your glasses and apologise” to the nation.

McKinnon says that she was curious to see what he had to say.

“I was half hoping that he would be a cocky little hooligan again but then half hoping that he’d grown up and was making something of his life,” she told News Corp.

Now with a serious neck tattoo, he told her: “It was a lot of fun I guess for someone that age, getting cameras thrown at your face, money left right and centre.

“It was yeah a big enjoyment, I sort of just took the ride and just enjoyed it really.”


The famous yellow sunglasses that he refused to take off he says will “always have close to his heart”.  

See her full catch up with him here. What do you think, has Corey matured since we last saw him those 6 years ago?