If you know the Kardashians, you’ll know that they’ve suffered their fair share of negative press.

But instead of going underground until it passes, New York Times best selling author and man behind ‘Kardashian Dynasty’ Ian Halperin reveals that they have a VERY different game plan.

Yep, when things weren’t looking great for the clan after the Kris Humphries wedding debacle, which Ian revealed to Kyle and Jackie O was in fact a scam, they decided to set their sights on a new partner for Kim.

The way it went down was the most surprising thing, though. Ian revealed that Kris, Kim and their management sat around a table, like a business meeting, and threw around names that they were considering for a partner for Kim. Obviously the aim was to generate good press.

Two of the names Ian revealed were considered were Nick Young of the Lakers – and Justin Bieber.

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Yep, BIEBER. However, Ian revealed that they settled on Kanye West for a number of reasons, the first being that Kanye’s mother had passed away a few years before, so Kris could be a “mother figure” for him, the second being that he, like Kim, wanted kids.

The one thing they didn’t realise, he revealed, was the enormity of his ego and the impact of his crazy tweets.

My Valentine

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They didn’t realise he was explosive, they didn’t realise he was a loose cannon.

“My sources say they’ll definitely split, but they’ll have one or two more kids first,” he said. Eeeek!

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