Japan’s answer to Amazon, Rakuten, has acquired a startup company that creates virtual fitting rooms.

The London-based company, Fits.me, has created e-mannequins that can adjust to your figure after you punch in information about your height, weight and age.

This will be changing the way we shop forever!

Now we’ll be able to see what certain clothes look like on our body type, rather than the standard fit models.

The company began in 2010, and have finally found the perfect “fit” for them to thrive, which is Rakuten.


Rakuten’s CEO Hiroshi Mikitani said in a statement: “Fits.me represents both fun and functionality of shopping online”.

Not being able to try before you buy has long been the main negative of shopping online, and we can’t WAIT for this to become a reality.

Although our bank accounts might suffer a little…

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