A new lawsuit that has been filed by Johnny Depp’s ex-managers has claimed the Hollywood star is responsible for his financial problems.

In a countersuit filed on Tuesday, his former colleagues allege it’s his extravagant lifestyle that led him to financial ruin.

The suit claims he a huge $3 million to blast author Hunter S. Thompson’s ashes out of a specially-made cannon, $18 million on a 150-foot yacht and $4 million on a failed record label.

It is also claiming he spent $30,000 a month on wine, $200,000 a month on private planes, $150,000 a month on round-the-clock security, and $300,000 a month to maintain a staff of 40 people.

The suit is the response of the actors own lawsuit on January 13, which accused the Management Group (TMG) of defrauding him out of tens of millions of dollars.

He has alleged that TMG mismanaged his finances and took out loans without his approval.

His statement claims he only realised the gravity of the situation when TMG advised him to sell a piece of property in France to pay off his debts.


He ultimately fired TMG and hired a new manager, at which point he alleged that the misconduct came to light.

However, TMG alleges in its countersuit that Depp was kept fully informed that he was spending more than he was taking in.

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