This is what you call a “multicultural feast of flatulence”. 

According to Kickstarter a fundraising project has been created where you can buy farts from all over the world. Every continent is represented with ‘Farts in a Jar’. All up 80 different nationalities have been collected for “your sniffing pleasure.”

“Fancy a light-hearted Irish fart? Or a rough and tumble Australian fart? How about a whimsical little Portuguese fart?” 

Each ‘Fart In A Jar’ comes with a note of origin and is sealed to keep the freshness in.  

The greatest challenge they faced during the testing process was maintaining a healthy appetite. However their nasal cavities eventually became desensitized and it became easier and easier to sample the flatulent findings. 

All of the money raised from this project will go to the ‘Animal Welfare Institute’.

The makers have even put a call out to celebrities to get behind the project in order to raise more money, saying “Hey, all you celebrities out there, we want YOU to fart in a jar and video yourself doing it.”


Hmmm we wonder if any celebrities will get involved. 

Would you purchase ‘Farts in a Jar’? 

Source: Kickstarter Projects

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