It’s one of the best foods around, it tastes delicious and it’s healthy.. not many of those exist.

They can also, during the growing off-season, be real expensive.

Plus there is nothing more disappointing than a bad avocado, so when one Wooloworths customer posted the following, it’s not surprising they would angry with these Avos.

The customer said ”“I purchased these avocados from your store at Double Bay yesterday, upon making a sandwich today I came to find these avocados are rotten! THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE, I demand my money back!!! and at your Double Bay store as well.”

Look at them, they’re crooked, you can’t make them into smashed avo anytime soon.

There just one slight issue.. the photo isn’t new.


Woolworths responded to the photo by saying ”We think you have taken this photo from another customers Facebook page in 2014” and just to prove it, they gave them a link to the first post!

It’s a little bit of a more polite post than the one posted this week, just saying that there were issues and Woolworths responded nicely by asking him for his details so they could rectify the problem.

There’s not so much luck for the new complainant, who got nothing and ended up deleting their post.

Follow ups to the post, now sees Woolworth’s Facebook page being pelted with new but similar posts that are in no way serious.


Better luck next time, freebie hunters!

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