When Darcy White went in for shoulder surgery at Mercy Hospital in Bakersfield in the U.S, she had no idea what she was getting herself into.

When going into the hospital for reconstructive surgery, she happened to catch the eye of a certain nurse.

Her anesthesiologist sent White a series of text messages and called her numerous times, amongst the messages a picture referencing White’s appearance and clothing size.

He continued to contact her and then on the Monday, White’s friend recalls her friend saying she’d called the hospital.

23ABC News in America reportedly got a hold of the nurse in question who was out of town at that time and couldn’t answer the questions.

He did however admit over the phone to getting White’s number from a file and admitted he may have taken it too far when he called her to follow up after her surgery.

He also claimed that he was ‘just doing his job’, even though he called over 10 times and sent numerous texts to White.


The nurse is contracted through a separate company and is not employed by Mercy Hospital.

See the full video below…

Images via YouTube

Video via 23 ABC News

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