Cannabis has been long hailed for its therapeutic benefits (amongst other things…) almost as much as it has for its controversy as an illegal drug. Well, now it is coming to the rescue of bane of women’s existence: menstrual cramps. Aka:


After introducing their weed lube products to the world, US-based company Floria has released Floriea Relief – a four-pack of suppositories made with Cannabidiol (CBD), one of the active cannabinoids in cannabis. Basically, a weed tampon that can be inserted in the vagina or the rectum, if required. 

It’s time to ease up the pressure.

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The product has yet to be FDA-recommended, but Foria’s director of product development backs up the safety of the product, pending doctor approval (you need a doctor’s certificate to purchase). “What THC does on the nerve terminal, is it modulates out the high frequency signals,” he said in an interview. “It doesn’t allow the high frequency signals to go through. That’s how it is able to modulate pain and still not produce sensation or reduce nerve control.” 


So, it stops that excruciating pain women often experience and reduce it significantly to a dull discomfort, or no pain at all.  

Foria is currently only available in California.  

Source: Cosmopolitan

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