Who knew that the politics of gift giving for children could have gone mad!?

Writer Liz Dashwood experienced this first hand after a book was rejected for not being ‘a good enough’ present for a six-year-old.

Dashwood sent her son, Thomas, to a party with the book for his friend, Marco, but was shocked when it was rejected by Marco’s mother.

“She took it in one hand and gave it back to me in the other, saying, ‘Marco doesn’t really like books – anything else would be fine.’ And sort of gestured in the general direction of the shops,” Dashwood writes in an article for The Pool.

According to Mamamia, Dashwood said she started questioning her choice after experiencing the rude reaction to the gift.

The British writer began questioning the idea that books improve people’s lives but then held firm and hid the “improvement” gift on the present table.

Source: Mamamia

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