A few days ago Shane Warne hit out at Brynne Edelsten after their alleged private rendezvous turned public after Warnie was greeted by paparazzi as he arrived at Brynne’s address for a ‘nightcap’.

It would have passed as innocent if it wasn’t for the time of said nightcap: 1am.


So once he was sprung by the paps, Warnie then took to Facebook with the following rant:

Obviously Brynne did NOT like having her name dragged through the mud – because somehow, Fiona Connolly, Editor of Woman’s Day got her hands on them.

So this (sorry Warnie) is what REALLY went down.


Talking to Kyle and Jackie O, Connolly mentioned that one of the messages is from Warnie to Brynne and says “I can’t wait to devour you.”

She then revealed that the pair exchanged messages back and forth about the paparazzi outside the venue where they were attending a charity event.

Then it gets interesting.

They discuss leaving and agree that Warnie will wait to leave 15 minutes after Brynne does. Warnie is said to keep asking Brynne, ‘Are you safe?’, which Connolly believes is linked to dealing with the paparazzi.

Then – the best bit.

Brynne lets Warnie know that there are paparazzi waiting outside her place, and they talk back and forth about who would have organised that.


This debunks Warnie’s story that he knew nothing about the paparazzi and blames Brynne for tipping them off – as she had already told him they were there before he arrived.

Woman’s Day are labelling the pairing ‘Australia’s sleaziest hook-up’. Connolly revealed that she believes Shane’s reaction stems from a bit of embarrassment on his part.

Source: Woman’s Day

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