When Zanna Gilbert found out she was pregnant, she never would have guessed that her little girl would be born in the back of an Uber car.

When Zanna started getting contractions, her husband David Horvitz called an Uber to sweep them up from their New York home just after 5am and they made their way to the Mount Sinai Hospital in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

But then the unthinkable happened.

41 blocks from the hospital, their daughter just couldn’t wait any longer to meet her parents and 34-year-old Gilbert gave birth to Ela Melanie.

“I always wanted to catch the baby, and I got to— but I didn’t think I’d be the only one there to do the catching,” Horvitz said.

Apparently the couple were riding along in the backseat and “we heard crying [and] the next thing I know I have a baby in my hand. We were all in shock.”

The drive, Germaine Allen wasn’t interested in hearing the couple’s apologies. He thought the experience was ‘amazing’.


Source: Elite Daily

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