We love watching videos of people getting cochlear implants and hearing for the first time, but this one takes the cake.

Andrea Diaz received a cochlear implant with her boyfriend by her side and what came next was a complete surprise to her.

After the implant is in and turned on the specialist asks Andrea, “Ready?” and you can see Andrea get overcome with emotion, she laughs and cries as she hears for the first time.

The specialist helps Andrea fix the volume on her implant and her boyfriend asks, “Can you hear me? Does it sound okay?”

She says it does and then her boyfriend proposes in the sweetest way!

“Well, baby I wanted to make one of the first things that you hear…”— he pulls out the white ring box and gets down on one knee, and Andrea is overcome with emotion—”because I love you so much, and you’re my best friend, baby. I wanted to make the first thing you hear me asking you to marry me.”


She says yes, of course, and says: “I got a ring!”

“Are you happy?” mom and boyfriend ask her.

“Yes, very happy,” she responds. “It worked!”

So adorable! Not only did she gain her hearing, but she gained a fiance as well.

H/T Hellogiggles

Photos: YouTube

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