Sue Lamb, 49, from the Gold Coast says she was left stressed after she discovered $10 million dollars in her bank account! 

Sue used an ATM to withdraw $100 from her ANZ credit account on Saturday and the bank receipt said she had an available balance of $9,990,420.94. 

Ms Lamb says she immediately called ANZ to inform them of the mistake but a customer service agent told her it was her money and there was nothing he could do. 

‘I said “It’s not my money” and he said “But it’s a compound of all your company’s funds”, but I don’t have a company, I’m a sole trader,’ she told Mail Online.

Then on monday morning, she had still not being contacted by the bank, but checked her account again to find the $10 million was gone and she was listed as being $7500 in debt. 

‘It’s just ridiculous, I mean they’ve put $10 million credit on my credit card,’ she said.


‘Now the fact is they’ve put me in debt $7500. It’s someone’s debt but it’s not mine. 

An ANZ spokeswoman said Ms Lamb had chosen to have an ‘unlimited monthly spend cap’ on her account.

‘The available balance on the BOQ ATM receipt refers to the amount of the monthly spend cap rather than the available credit,’ she said.

‘We’re investigating why the BOQ’s receipt is showing the monthly spend cap rather than the actual balance.

‘We would like to apologise to Ms Lamb for any inconvenience and we will be contacting her today.’ 


Source: Mail Online

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