Shiann Friesen is a fashion blogger known as ShiCurves on YouTube and Instagram, and she was recently body-shamed by a Walmart employee.

She was shopping at Walmart and went to try on some clothes in the dressing room, when an employee at the fitting rooms stopped her and refused to let her try on a sweater insisting it wasn’t the right size for her.

The unnamed employee grabbed the hangers out of Shiann’s hands and told her not to “push it”.

When she questioned the reason why, she was told she was “trying to put on something that is obviously not going to fit” and that the employee didn’t want her to “stretch” the clothes.

The footage is upsetting, as her voices trembles when she speaks to the employee. (Skip to 2:58 for footage of the incident).

Shiann goes on to explain in her video that she went on to tell the employee that what she was asking was discriminatory. 


The employee’s response was “I’m just trying to protect our clothes,” to which Shiann replies “But you can’t discriminate against people because you’re trying to ‘protect your clothes,’ because if I came here and wanted to try on a dog collar, you couldn’t refuse me that.”

The employee said that it was Walmart’s policy to “protect the clothes at all costs”, but Shiann later found out that this isn’t the official policy at all.

We hope that this never happens to her or anyone else, and we’re so glad she stood up for herself!

Guess what I’m filming?

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