We all know that the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez split was hard.

The pair genuinely seemed to really love each other and details of the break up were plastered all over every magazine cover.

So, when Justin got on stage at the 2015 VMAs and delivered his first performance, which ended in emotional tears, then camera, which had been panning to Selena on and off throughout the entire awards ceremony, didn’t feature her once. Odd, seeing as the song he was performing, ‘What Do You Mean?’ is said to be about Selena.

So, why did the camera not pan to Selena once throughout the entire performance? Well, because Selena reportedly wasn’t in the crowd, she was backstage with her friends, including Taylor Swift and the rest of the squad.


There are a few alleged reasons she wasn’t in the crowd.

The first, she didn’t want the cameras to pan to her during Justin’s performance and get her actual reaction to the song and the second, Justin was sick of Selena using their break up as publicity for her new album.
According to reports, The “Good For You” singer has been open about her relationship with Justin in basically every interview and has admitted that a majority of the songs on her new album were about her relationship with him. Biebs grew tired of Selena using him to promote her music, especially after she totally dissed him a few months ago when they were hooking up again.

Sources say that Justin’s stipulations with MTV were that they didn’t mention Selena Gomez in any regards to his performance – he didn’t want to give her any more free press and publicity for her new album.

What do you think it is?

Source: Celeb Dirty Laundry/J14

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