When it comes to Heather from The Bachelor, she has always seemed like somewhat of an open book.

She’s been straight up from the beginning about her feelings towards Sam, has been open when she felt upset – when she felt confident (as we saw last night) – and no-one really felt as though there was much more to know…

However, as the finals draw closer, we can see the cracks starting to show – she’s getting nervous – and not so much about winning, but about the impending home visits.

During last night’s episode she described herself as ‘sh**ing her pants about it’, just after Sam’s one-on-one to camera piece tossing up whether or not she was in the friend zone.

‘Each time I try and explore the romance-side, Heather bails, calling me “dude” or “man”,’ he said.

‘I am starting to feel like we’re heading into that friend zone and that’s not where I want to go but that’s where I feel like it’s heading,’ Sam said at the end of the date.


So, the question is – what has Heather got to hide?

Intruiging, isn’t it?

Source: Daily Mail

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