Have you ever wondered what your sleep position says about you?

Apparently it says a lot – more than you probably thought – and provides a good insight into your personality.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, the director of the Sleep Assessment and Advisory Service has researched sleep positions and found that from a survery of 1000 people, six main positions were identified.

Feotus position (41% of sleepers) – curling up in a fetal position. This was the most common position, and is especially popular with women.

Fetal position sleepers are described as presenting a tough exterior, but are often shy and sensitive under the surface. They also may take some time to warm up to new people, but ultimately relax and become more social.


Freefall position (7% of sleepers) – on one’s front with the arms around the pillow and the head tilted to one side.

Freefall sleepers are identified as being sociable and brash, though inwardly nervous and often sensitive to criticism.



Yearner position (13% of sleepers) – sleeping on one’s side with the arms in front.

Yearners are identified as having open personalities, but are sometimes prone to suspicion and cynicism. Yearners are also described as slow decision makers, but once the choice is made they stick to it.

Log position (15% of sleepers) – lying on one’s side with the arms down the side.

Log sleepers are reported to be social, easy-going and trusting in their daily lives, though sometimes prone to gullibility.

Starfish position (5% of sleepers) – on one’s back with the arms around the pillow.


Starfish sleepers make friendship a priority. They dislike being the centre of attention, instead offering to listen to the problems of others and go out of their way to offer assistance to those in need.

Soldier position (8% of sleepers) – on one’s back with the arms pinned to the sides.

Character traits for soldier sleepers reflect their disciplined namesake, identifying themselves as people who set high expectations for themselves and others, and exhibit a quiet and reserved nature.

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