When you think of David and Victoria Beckham, no doubt you always think of Victoria as the devoted one and David as the one who isn’t as into it. It may or may not be the case, but it’s certainly the vibe that the pair have given off over the years.

So what has Vic done to make us think that things may not be peachy in camp Beckham?

She’s getting her tattoos removed!

Not just any tattoos, either. The fashion icon has reportedly been getting laser treatment to remove the Hebrew tattoo on her neck that translates to, ‘I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine’.

Hmm… well, one possible explanation could be – fashion. Yep, I have no doubt that if tattoos were deemed unfashionable, Victoria wouldn’t hesitate in removing them, despite their sentimental value.

Still not convinced?

Well, in addition to her hebrew spine tattoo, the 41-year-old also had two designs zapped from her wrist. The first marks the date she and David renewed their wedding vows in 2006 and the second bears the phrase, ‘again from the start’ in Latin, which she got when she and her family moved to America when Becks joined the LA Galaxy in 2007.


Source: Daily Mail

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