Are you sitting there, throughout this entire naked celebrity photo scandal going…

“What the hell actually IS iCloud?!”

We are too.

So Kyle and Jackie O got The Feed’s tech guru Fennell to explain exactly what we’re all assuming went wrong, when 101 celebrities iCloud accounts were hacked, exposing their most intimate photographs.

Basically, if you do have an iPhone, up until yesterday, you were in danger of your photos being hacked.

iCloud is an autosave hub which keeps all your data “safely” locked up.

Marc told Kyle and Jackie, “if you lose your phone, your photos would be saved up in the cloud, and this usually happens automatically at night.”


“What’s happened here, people take these photos and instantly delete.”

The problem is by the time they’ve done this it’s already been uploaded to [iCloud], and it seems like somebody’s been able to use a bit of technology to get into hundreds of people’s icloud accounts to get into these photos.”

But the question is HOW these people got access.

“What we’ve found out… There was coding you could use to get hundreds and hundreds of passwords…”

There is a lot of ridicule over whether these celebs should even be taking photos of themselves in the first place… Marc argues that’s very unreasonable.

He says the better way to go is just to keep different passwords to all your accounts.


Listen to the full interview below.

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