In a beautiful, heartfelt gesture, one woman has had 17 “Angel Gowns” made from her wedding dress.

The tiny, intricate dresses will be given to families whose babies have sadly passed away too soon, although Justi Underwood Bates says she hopes they are never used. 

Ms Underwood Bates told The Daily Mail that it seemed the perfect solution to doing something meaningful with her wedding dress.

“It meant too much to me to just let it hang there and be forgotten about for the next few decades, so I sent it off to be made into angel gowns and to have a purpose,” she said.

The soon-to-be-mother – who is expecting twins – posted a photo of the gowns to her Facebook page, before it was shared by Love What Matters; more than 232,000 people have liked, commented and shared the picture since.

“I’m so thankful it has [gone viral],” Ms Underwood Bates continued, “because now the word is out that a wedding dress can do more than take up closet space.

“It can be a small help for family in a tragic situation.”


Although these gowns will be donated to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Vanderbilt in Nashville, there are a number of charities here in Australia that can do the same thing for people wishing to follow Ms Underwood Bates’ lead; see Angel Gowns and Angel Gowns Australia‘s websites for more details. 

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