If you were a teen in 2001, no doubt you grooved along to the sweet sound of J.Lo and Ja Rule on the regular, but there’s one lyric from one of their most famous songs I can almost GUARANTEE you got wrong.

During the song ‘I’m Real (Murder Remix) by the pair, which is arguably one of the best and most memorable songs to come out of the naughties, there’s one line from j.Lo we have just been saying WRONG!

At the beginning of the song Ja Rule says, “what’s my mutha f*cken name?” and then J.Lo responds with what sounds like “are you Ellie?”, seemingly looking for Eleanor, or Elizabeth.


In actual fact, J.Lo responds with ‘R-U-L-E’, spelling his NAME!

Don’t worry, feel safe in the fact that EVERYONE else got it wrong too.


Source: MTV

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