Ever since we met the man who will be handing out the roses this year on Channel Ten’s The Bachelor we couldn’t WAIT for the season to start!

Astrophysicist Matt Agnew will be searching for love this time round with the hopes of finding the woman of his dreams on the reality TV show.

While we’ve already seen plenty of promos for this season, today is the first time that we’ve heard about the premiere date and it’s SO SOON!

So start chilling that wine and get your popcorn at the ready, because Bachie officially returns to our screens on July 31!

Yep literally 2 weeks away people!


And by the looks of things this season is certainly going to be GOOD! We’ve already seen someone tell Matt that she’s a “Gemini” when he tells her he’s an Astrophysicist and one brave gal even shows up in a wedding dress with a bridesmaid in tow!

So yeah, it’s going to be fab! BRING IT ON!

But just a little side note for Matt – please pick someone at the end. If we have to go through that emotional rollercoaster again we will riot.

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