A Chinese billionaire has a grand plan for the next Gold Coast theme park… based on Jurassic World!!!!

Wanda chief executive Wang Jianlin has been linked to the project, as he eyes a share in Legendary Entertainment who run similar theme parks world wide. 

With Hoyts Cinema and AMC Entertainment Holdings under their banner, Wanda are now trying to buy a piece of the film production and theme park industry. 

If it comes to fruition, aside from the obvious awesomeness of a brand new theme park, the project would give Queensland an extra tourism boost and open up even more jobs for locals. 

In fact according to research from the Gold Coast Bulletin, the new theme park could boost theme park attendance by 10% (almost 11 million more people through its doors each year). 


The push for a Jurassic theme park certainly has its supporters in Australia. 

The Northern Chamber of Commerce president Gary Mays is behind the project and is urging its completion. 

“We need this to happen,” he said.

“It will create heaps of fulltime jobs which is a priority now and bring in more international tourists.

“If we don’t keep reinventing ourselves, we will be left behind.”

While Tourism minister Kate Jones is also supportive. 


“We’re working with the local tourism industry to grow the number of visitors holidaying on the Gold Coast,” she said.

“We want to see more visitors through the gates of our theme parks because we know that means jobs for Queenslanders.”

… Just take a few minutes to imagine it…