If you could propose to someone, how would you do it?

Well, everyone is different.

We think this guy may have pretty much nailed it though!

With a stadium of onlookers staring straight at him, this groom-to-be couldn’t have picked a more romantic moment to propose.

His girlfriend is so shocked when he drops to one knee to propose and the crowd begins to move away so he can have space to propose.

As the band approach the chorus of their iconic ballad, Fix You, he pops the question there and then.

His girlfriend does not even think about and it says yes straight away before they hug it out.


The person filming can be heard saying ”unbelievable” as they pan away to show thousands of fans singing along to the gig. When the camera comes back around, the future bride-to-be is giving her future husband a playful push.

What an amazing proposal. 

Credit: Daily Mail

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