Late last week Shane Warne took to Facebook to rant against Brynne Edelsten accusing her of informing Paparazzi as he arrived at her apartment for a 1am rendezvous. He said in the post “Brynne…invited me back to her place around 1am for a couple of drinks, when I arrived, paparazzi were conveniently waiting outside her home to get the pic, coincidence?”

Today Woman’s Day released an alleged text message conversation between Warnie and Edelsten from that night. The messages suggest that Warnie knew about the Paps which debunks Shane’s side of the story that he wasn’t aware they (paparazzi) were there.

This afternoon Dave Hughes revealed on air that Warnie explained the situation to him.

“She organised a pap, invited him back to her place, and then left him on the street, sold the story including messages and other things in the article — ‘edited version’ is what he claims,” Hughesy has said.

“He feels like he’s been set up by her. He’s also saying she left him out on the street … so the pap can have time. So Warnie’s on the street thinking why isn’t she letting me in, and then all of a sudden the guy is going click, click, click, and he’s thought, ‘What’s going on here? Let me up, you invited me over, let me up’.”


“I can tell you that he’s very happy that he didn’t get up to her room, I can tell you that much. The term ‘dodged a bullet’ has been used.”

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