Scrubs fans rejoice! J.D. and Turk are back together to rekindle our absolute favourite bromance to have ever graced our TV screens.

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly J.D. and Turk, but actors Zach Braff and Donald Faison are back together, some 19 years after the first episode of Scubs aired.

Fake Doctors, Real Friends is a new podcast where Zach and Donald dissect episodes of Scrubs, sharing forgotten stories from behind-the-scenes of the show.

It’s kinda like DVD commentary on a TV show boxset but with two best mates and WAY LESS NERDY!

Each new episode of the podcast takes one episode of the TV show and deconstructs it in a way that only J.D. and Turk ever could.

But the best part is that the pair are often joined by fellow cast members, with Elliot, Carla and even the surly doc (who we all knew secretly had a heart of gold) Dr Cox helping out with the nostalgia.

We’re a few eps in, and have already uncovered some gold from the pair that we never knew about our favourite show set in a hospital (take that, Meredith Grey!).


For example, Scrubs fans all know that the X-Ray in the show’s intro is placed on the lightbox back-to-front, but that wasn’t the only issue with the show’s now-famous intro.

Did you know that nobody actually liked the show’s intro at first? When the cast and crew watched the intro back for the first time, they all hated it.

It could have something to do with the fact that it took a whole day to film.

Eventually the cast grew to love it, but not before copping flack for years over that X-Ray.

The pair also revealed that the show’s original opening was supposed to be ‘Superman’ by Five For Fighting.


Sounds sort of familiar, right? But Braff put forward the now-loved song by Lazlo Bane ‘I’m No Superman’ because he was friends with the band’s singer and thought that it perfectly captured the show’s vibe.

Which we couldn’t agree with any more.

Uncover heaps more little nuggets of gold, while basking in the glory of the greatest bromance by listening to the show here:

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