The Project’s Waleed Aly last night launched his ”greatest call to arms” by urging Australians to eat more cheese and support dairy farmers being #MilkedDry on home soil after milk companies slashed the prices they pay for the products.

In his latest Something We Should Talk About, Waleed accused politicians of distancing themselves from the issue out of fear it could compromise their re-election.

Just last month, Australian dairy processors and exporters Murray Goulburn and Fonterra slashed the amount they were willing to pay per litre.

Waleed said ”for every litre of milk that we buy in the supermarket, it costs a farmer about 38 cents to make and they are paid just 42 cents”.

Continuing he said ”Murray Goulbourne announced it was cutting it’ price from $5.60 per milk kilogram to somewhere between $4.75 and $5. A week later Fonterra followed and cut their price to $5. So now, farmers will be paid 37 cents for something that costs them 38 cents to make.”

One way in which Australians can help the milk farmers is by actually paying more for milk.


The majority of shoppers now buy the cheapest milk they can, which in turn drives down the prices paid, as the processors and the supermarkets want to make profit on it.

The following brands are more expensive but will in-turn mean the farmers are paid more;

Waleed doesn’t believe we want to see famers #MilkedDry and is urging us to sign this petition. 

He finished his segment by telling us to buy Australian dairy brands and ”chow down” on cheese.


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