Australia Day is tomorrow and the debate about moving the date has erupted again.

This time, Waleed Aly has come up with a plan to give Australians a longer holiday, if the date was changed.

On Thursday nights Project, viewers were told that if they took leave over Christmas, from December 21 to January 6, they could get 17 days off for just 8 days of annual leave.

Waleed said ‘If we moved Australia Day to December 19, that makes that 18 days off. And if it happened to fall on a Monday or a Friday then that could become 20 [days off].’

He then jokingly said  ‘I believe, irrespective of political difference, I have just solved the Australia Day debate.’ 

There have been calls for Australia Day to be moved from January 26 as a way of rescuing the sovereignty of Australia’s Aboriginal people.

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