Could it have been a prank this whole time?!!! 

NOW, a new photo has arisen that has opened up a whole lot of questions. 

What if there have been two dresses this whole time. 

The debate of whether the dress was black and blue or white and gold began last Friday, however was put to an end when people posted the “black and blue dress” from online shopping pages to prove that one version only existed.

But this photo starts the debate all over again! 


This image was posted on Reddit, and people have been going crazy ever since. 

“So is there still a chance that the dress was white and gold?”

“I KNEW IT! It was all giant prank.”

“It was an elaborate conspiracy from the start to destroy humanity.”

“PLS pls pls pls pls stop this.”

We want to know, when will this dress ever leave us alone! 

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