Richard Branson has announced that all Virgin staff can now take as much annual holiday leave as they want.

“If working nine to five no longer applies, why should strict annual leave policies?” Richard Branson said in an official statement on the Virgin website, referencing the way technology means we are now accessible 24/7. The new policy is a way of resetting the balance for time-poor staff.

Virgin’s new policy basically means employees can take leave anytime, and their holiday days will not be tracked. They just can’t leave their team in the lurch mid-project – they have to make sure things are covered off during their limitless holiday.

Branson was inspired by his daughter Holly, who alerted him to Netflix’s ‘holiday anytime’ policy for their staff. Holly told her father that after a similar policy was initiated at a friend’s company, “morale, creativity and productivity” have gone through the roof. The innovative and fearless CEO has now confirmed he is instigating the policy for his UK and US offices first, and if it works it will be rolled out worldwide.

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