With Valentine’s Day this weekend, we’re sure there’s are many of you out there who have left your plans to the last minute! And now it’s too late to get a reservation at your favourite restaurant. 

Well don’t fret because we have the perfect last minute date ideas that will have you winning with your special someone. 

1. An All Night Rom-Com Movie Marathon 

Sometimes it’s those lazy nights in that end up being the most fun! Why not organise to have your partner’s all time favourite Rom-Coms lined up for a bit of a movie marathon. No doubt to be accompanied with wine and chocolate and if you’re up for it, cook their favourite dinner. However if that’s asking a bit much there’s no shame in ordering their favourite take out. 

In case you need some inspiration, our list of the top 10 Romantic Comedies of all time are: 

Pretty Woman 


When Harry Met Sally 

He’s Just Not That Into You

Love actually

The Holiday

P.S. I love You

The Notebook


How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Notting Hill 

The Proposal 

2. Picnic

It seems like an obvious choice, but that’s because it never fails to impress! Hit the markets, gather together some cheese and crackers, cold meats, strawberries and champagne. Pack a blanket and utensils and you’re good to go. Picnics don’t require the fuss of a dinner reservation, the risk of bad food or a hefty bill. A picnic’s charm lies mostly in it’s intimacy. It doesn’t necessarily have to be in a park, other romantic settings include beaches or at the end of a wharf, get creative! 


3. Breakfast In Bed 

There’s nothing better than sleeping in on a weekend… Oh wait there is, having breakfast in bed! This Valentine’s Day jump out of bed a little earlier than your partner and whip them up something nice. Pancakes, bacon and eggs, croissants from the local bakery, fresh orange juice or even champagne. Don’t be afraid to add flowers and warm coffee, perfection! 

4. A Spa Day

For the person who’s been working hard and needs some time to unwind, take them somewhere indulgent where they can have their choice of a massage, facial or pedicure. The reason this idea is so great, is that you can book for two and both enjoy it!


5. A Fancy Lunch Date

Let’s face it… if you’re leaving it to the last minute, then it’s always going to be hard getting that dinner reservation, so why not lunch! Get all dressed up, sit back and enjoy each others company and then leave the night time free for some alone time!

6. A Shopping Excursion

If your special someone is expecting a gift and you don’t know what to get them, then why not plan a shopping day! Who doesn’t love picking their own gift! Dedicate the whole day showing them you’re interested in their needs and what they like, maybe what they like you’ll enjoy as well, cue the lingerie stores! 


7. Tickets To Something They Would Love 

Could be the latest movie, a sports game, or the theatre, whatever your taste there is always an event on! The great thing about these sort of dates, is the excitement and atmosphere that surrounds them. It’s guaranteed fun and perfect for the couple who isn’t into a gushing romance sort of occasion. 

8. A Trip To The Zoo

Maybe this Valentine’s day isn’t just about the two of you anymore, maybe there are little ones who you want to involve in the festivities too. A trip to the zoo is always a fun and enjoyable day for everyone. Strolling past the enclosures, stopping off for an ice-cream and enjoying each others company is maybe all the romance you want. 


9. Cooking Class

Cooking classes make great gifts, Thai, Italian or French there is always something to meet your tastes. Put an end to all arguments in the kitchen by learning how to cook a meal together. This is bound to be fun and will mean many more enjoyable meals together to come in the future. 

10. Star Gazing 

Bring a blanket and pack dessert to finish off your special day with a special night underneath the stars. Lie down, look up and relax. It doesn’t get any more romantic than moonlight. 


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