It’s almost as if someone heard one of Kyle’s dreams and then told the story on air this morning after one of the girls from The Bachelor admitted to something CRAZY!

But nope, according to the lovely Vakoo, this actually happened!

You can imagine that things would get a little bit boring at times in the Bachelor mansion when you’re not filming a date or a cocktail party.

After all they’re not allowed to leave or really have any contact with the outside world.

And so Kyle of course began to wonder whether any of the girls being to… experiment with each other.

He asked Vakoo and Monique, last night’s evictees, this very question on air this morning when they joined us in studio.

They told us that this didn’t happen but Vakoo did reveal a pretty crazy story about something that happened one Saturday night after they’d all had a few wines.


“The wildest thing that happened was probably…” Vakoo began.

“Oh gosh,” Monique responded putting her head in her hand, obviously anticipating exactly what information Vakoo was about to divulge.

“Some Saturday’s we’d get some wine and order some KFC,” Vakoo continued. “After a couple of wines the girls and I got really comfortable… You know you talk with girl stuff and they’re like, ‘So how does your downstairs look?’.

“We showed each other… Yep, I’ve seen quite a few of the girls’ vaginas.”

Well then… There you go.

“It’s fascinating,” Vakoo continued.


Whatever floats your boat we guess. We’d probably pop on some Netflix when we’re bored but each to their own!

Hear our full chat with Monique and Vakoo in the video above.

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