The global pandemic has been shocking to watch unfold day-by-day – but imagine if you were locked away from society, with no idea that Australia was panic buying and your loved ones were in lockdown.

That was the reality for the Big Brother housemates this year. Traditionally, contestants are not told anything about the outside world but the extremity of coronavirus allowed for an exception.

At the end of Tuesday night’s show, it was revealed that on Sunday we will see the remaining housemates react to coronavirus and the moment it directly affected the house when a crew member was exposed to someone who tested positive to the virus.

In the promo, the nine remaining housemates are told in the diary room that the house “will be placed in lockdown and the game will be suspended.”

The teaser then goes on to show the confusing moments afterwards, with alpha group member Mat Garrick questioning whether someone is operating one of the backyard cameras.

The historic episode is certainly going to be one to remember. You can watch the chaos unfold on Sunday at 7pm on Channel 7.




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