WARNING: The below contains spoilers from Sunday night’s episode of Married At First Sight. If you haven’t seen it, don’t scroll down.

We all knew that the reunion episodes of Married At First Sight would be a doozy, considering the drama we’ve seen this season.

And boy, did it deliver!

On Sunday night’s episode, we saw the remaining five ladies Stacey Hampton, Mishel Karen, KC Osbourne, Connie Crayden and returning bride Elizabeth Sobinoff have a few bevvies at a Sydney bar.

After a few giggles, they were surprised by some returning brides including Hayley Vernon, who allegedly kissed Michael Goonan in the annual MAFS cheating scandal. She even owned up to it.

Michael is currently TV-married to Stacey, who was not impressed. Hayley and Stacey had it out big time with some wild words being thrown across the table.


Randomly, another returning bride became involved in the whole situation – Vanessa Romito. She left pretty quietly many weeks ago after her marriage to Chris Nicholls failed to work out. It turns out she was in the room when this cheating scandal took place and she even said she had video footage of Hayley kissing Michael as proof it happened.

It turns out she was actually lying, which makes it even more random, but anyway.

In the last minute of the episode, Vanessa said some final words in her interview about Stacey and she dropped a bomb that we did not anticipate.

“…but I’m sure she’s got a bigger secret she’s hiding from her husband,” Vanessa said.

A producer butted in, asking what the secret might be, and to that Vanessa replied with, “probably that she’s hooked up with someone else.” OH MY GOD.

I don’t want to believe any of these allegations, but if any of this is true, this could be some next level drama!


Has Vanessa just thrown out words because her video plans were foiled, or is their truth behind Stacey’s defence mechanisms? I guess we’ll have to buckle in for this final week!

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