Two contestants on Channel 7’s new series of House Rules have stormed off the show after saying it’s  “not what they had expected”.

Eight teams had been introduced to viewers this season and were tasked with transforming a 32 storey penthouse on the Gold Coast and two teams were set to be evicted off the show before even starting.

But, before that moment even happened, one team decided to call it.

Married couple Andrew & Carly sent a message to one of the show’s producers saying they had packed their bags and were not interested in filming anything further.

When the couple went to leave they said “We came on this show because it was House Rules as we knew it. This curveball of two (teams) being eliminated has thrown me for six. I’m not a quitter, but this game has changed a lot,” she said.

“It’s no longer, ‘get on House Rules, get your house renovated’ … It’s not what I expected.”

While producers tried to turn them around, Carly insisted  ‘“I’d rather have my dignity and self-respect and leave on my own terms than stay and have money.’’


Producers finally then seemed to give in saying  “I’m not going to stand here and argue with you.” went to find a taxi, with Andrew saying: “Don’t need the stress, don’t need the bulls**t.”

House Rules: High Stakes continues Thursday night at 7 pm on Seven.

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