Families, creatives and lovers of reality TV alike love getting together on the couch to watch Lego Masters. The masterpieces the contestants come up with just by stacking up a few thousand bricks is simply wild – and incredibly nostalgic for the big kids!

Not only do we love watching Hamish Blake spinning jokes and smashing stuff with a baseball bat, but we love Ryan McNaught, aka The Brickman. He’s a Lego Certified Professional, one of only 14 in the world, and is incredibly passionate about his field.

Jase & PJ got him on the phone to chat about the upcoming third season about the popular series which will see a new bunch of teams get a chance to show off their skills, including many from Victoria!

He spilled on the tough COVID safe requirements as well as what will make him super emotional this year… looks like we are in for a big few episodes.


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