There’s some serious competition going on in the reality TV category at the moment with Channels Seven, Nine and Ten all bringing the gold at the moment!

So much so that we almost didn’t know what to watch with the issue being that they are all going up against each other.

Seven’s My Kitchen Rules, Nine’s Married at First Sight, and Ten’s Survivor All Stars are all going head to head, airing on the same nights at the same time, leading to one heck of a ratings war.

Unfortunately, there’s always going to be a loser in the ratings and this time around it’s MKR that’s fallen short. So much so that Rob McKnight from TV Blackbox thinks that the show has reached the end of it’s run.

“My Kitchen Rules is dead,” Rob claimed in news that will surely upset those that are fans of the cooking show.

Despite revamping the competition this year by putting past couples up against new ones, MKR has seen “ratings in the toilet”, with Rob claiming this is the last nail in the coffin.


“Seven are in a bit of trouble at the moment. My Kitchen Rules launched to very bad ratings, it’s had it’s worst launch in history,” Rob explained.

“It launched up against the Tennis final Sunday night and it did 500 thousand viewers, which is just so low for that show.”

Things went from bad to worse on Monday night when MAFS and Survivor kicked off.

“Married at first sight won, Survivor came second, then we had the ABC, SBS, a train show on SBS, and then My Kitchen Rules,” Rob revealed.

“That’s how dire it is and I will tell you right now, My Kitchen Rules is dead… It will not be back in 2021,” he claimed.


The bold claim comes as My Kitchen Rules was supposed to actually have a second series airing this year, but Rob doesn’t think this will happen after the ratings mess.

Of course, Rob doesn’t think that MKR will bring Channel 7 down altogether, telling us that they have some big shows on the way including Big Brother, The Olympics and a new show called Pooch Perfect.

The show is a dog makeover show and will have Rebel Wilson as a host.

“Pooch Perfect I think will actually be a good one for Seven,” Rob said.

“What I do know is that there were some production issues behind the scenes so there’s been some production delays and a lot’s been done in the edit but I actually think this will be a winner for seven.”

It’s basically project runway but for dogs so heck yeah you can expect us to be watching it!


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