One of this years Plate of Origin contestants, Chrys Hong, has sadly passed away last night at the age of 30.

Hong’s family announced the news on her Instagram page very early this morning, passing on thanks to her fans for their support.

“Chrys has passed away on night of 17 December, peacefully and surrounded by love”

“Thank you all for your love and support for Chrys – from Chrys’ family”

In August this year, Chrys spoke openly to The Daily Telegraph about her terminal colon cancer diagnosis which had spread to her bones, liver and lymphatic system which she received during the filming of Plate of Origin!


She told them she had thought nothing about her irregular stomach pain, thinking it was nerves about filming the television show.

After dismissal of symptoms from herself and 2 doctors, on a third doctor visit several tests were run and she needed to be admitted.

“The next day he called me back and said: ‘This is really serious, we have to put you in the hospital’… That night I was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer.”

“Because the spread is too much, they can’t do surgery, so they had to do chemo…I have already done three rounds but they said my body couldn’t cope with it any more.”


Despite the horrific terminal diagnosis, Chrys continued to film the show and finish the series, “Who said cancer patients can’t cook” she boldly said.

Chrys, you were such a warrior, rest in peace.


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