Netflix will compress the data it is using on its Australian streaming service to reduce the congestion on the NBN, which has been caused by more people working from home.

Form tonight, Netflix will compress the amount of data is using so that everyone gets faster speeds. It will be in place for at least 30 days.

Ken Florance, Netflix’s vice president of content deliver said “Given the crisis, we’ve developed a way to reduce Netflix’s traffic on the telecommunications network by 25 per cent while also maintaining the quality of our service,” 

“Consumers should continue to get the quality that comes with their plan – where it’s ultra-high, high or standard definition.”

Bit rates are used to describe how much data is consumed per second and while most won’t notice a difference, there may be a ‘ very slight decrease in quality within each resolution”.

In Europe, Facebook, YouTube, Netflix and Amazon have all lowered their bit rates to help with congestion.

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