Tash only left Married At First Sight officially during last night’s commitment ceremony as her and her on-screen wife Amanda both agreed to leave following a pretty tumultuous time on the show.

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But before their break up was made official, Tash wasn’t keeping quiet about the fact that she had already found someone new on the outside and was spotted out with a blonde woman that she was referring to as her “girlfriend”.

And according to Tash, this is the woman that she was actually supposed to end up with on MAFS!


Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning after officially leaving the experiment, Tash revealed that her current girlfriend Maddison auditioned for Married At First Sight to be part of the first lesbian couple to get married on the show.

And Tash explained that she can’t understand why Maddison wasn’t chosen as her match instead of Amanda.

“She actually was meant to be on the show,” Tash told us. “And she didn’t get through.”

“What?” Jackie exclaimed.

“Yeah and we’ve actually known each other for a really, really long time,” Tash added.

“We are what each other both asked for,” she continued. “She makes me feel safe, she makes me feel respected, she makes me feel every way a person that you’re in love with should make you feel.”


Despite the fact that Tash is adamant that she gave her relationship with Amanda a go on the show, it’s pretty clear to everyone watching that they are very different people and weren’t really a great match.

So then why wasn’t Maddison chosen for Tash by the experts instead..? Perhaps for the drama? I mean we’re just speculating, but it seems like Tash’s perfect match was right there in front of them and they chose someone else…

Despite believing that Maddison was a much better match for her than Amanda was, Tash wanted to clear up rumours about the timeline of her relationship with Maddison.

She explained that the pair only started dating after the show officially stopped filming.


“Just to clear up a lot of rumours that are going around online at the moment, we didn’t start officially dating until about two months ago,” Tash explained.

“And the show was well at truly over. I did not have contact or was with Maddison when the show was airing. I was still dealing with my own mental stresses and trying to get through Amanda and I’s stuff.”

Looks like all things work out in the end though as Tash seems incredibly happy with the way her love life is going now after Married At First Sight!

Hear more about Tash and Amanda’s relationship on MAFS in the podcast below!

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