If you’re thinking ‘didn’t the second movie JUST come out?’…then you’d be 100% right.

The Kissing Booth 2 dropped literally on Friday and now Netflix has blessed us all by dropping a trailer and letting us know the film will be released next year.

The silliest thing about all of this?

The entire movie has apparently already been filmed!

It was secretly filmed at the same time as the second film, which is a good call on Netflix’s behalf because who knows what’s going to happen to the world with Corona rampaging on.

The star of the series Joey King announced the third movie on Instagram captioning, “Coming to Netflix in 2021 #TheKissingBooth3. I couldn’t be happier!!!! Should Elle go to Berkeley or Harvard???????”.


Netflix even dropped a little sizzler trailer, you can watch it below!

Looks like Joey is screening calls from Harvard’s admin office?? Girl, that’s one call you need to be picking up!



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