Many bombshells were dropped about Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson’s relationship over the course of Married At First Sight, however they weren’t the only pair that left the show unscathed when the final credits rolled on Sunday evening.

Rebecca Zemek was called out at the reunion after footage aired of her cheating on her TV husband Jake Edwards. Bec eventually came clean and revealed the man in the video was an “old burn”, however things were a little awkward when her first instinct was to say it was her brother.

It was awkward, considering she was clearly in an intimate kissing moment with the unidentified man. You can’t write this stuff.

When Bryce was in the studio on Monday morning, Jase & PJ wanted to get his opinion on what he saw. He did spend a lot of time butting heads with Bec over very similar issues, after all…

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